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Hi! I’m Ollie the Fox, mascot at I have always loved to go to second-hand stores to buy for myself, my pack, and for gifts. It is a fun, economical way to shop for my young pack! Whether I am on the hunt during a fun Saturday afternoon family outing or on an emergency trip for a necessity, I love buying second-hand. In fact, I would even estimate that 95% of everything I have in my fox den – electronics, pots and pans, books, tools, furniture, and clothing – is from a second-hand store.

During all those hours of bargain shopping, I started to notice a few things. First, that the process can take a long time. Being that the inventory at second-hand stores is based on availability and donations, sometimes procuring all the items on a list can take hours and multiple stops or trips. In many instances, it was so arduous that it took the fun out of the entire experience.

Another not-so-nice observation was t

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