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  1. The Foxiest Online Thrift Store

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    Hey there! It’s me again, Ollie the Fox! I’m glad you stopped by my den, because today, I want to tell you all about the BIGGEST ways sets itself apart from our competitor, The Scummy Secondhand Superstore. While I made a couple of these points in our last bit of time together, today I want to dig a little deeper. 

    What Makes Us Better Than The Rest?

    The Best Experience Possible

    In our last get-together, I told you how is the foxiest online thrift store on the market. Why? Because we've made secondhand thrift shopping so convenient and comfortable, that you don’t even have to leave your den. But, as if that wasn’t enough because my store is online, we’re open 24/7. Not only does this allow you to enjoy the comfort of your own home, but it also allows you to have the cleanest thrift shopping experience you’d like, all

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  2. Shift The Way You Thrift

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    Hi! I’m Ollie the Fox, mascot at I have always loved to go to second-hand stores to buy for myself, my pack, and for gifts. It is a fun, economical way to shop for my young pack! Whether I am on the hunt during a fun Saturday afternoon family outing or on an emergency trip for a necessity, I love buying second-hand. In fact, I would even estimate that 95% of everything I have in my fox den – electronics, pots and pans, books, tools, furniture, and clothing – is from a second-hand store.

    During all those hours of bargain shopping, I started to notice a few things. First, that the process can take a long time. Being that the inventory at second-hand stores is based on availability and donations, sometimes procuring all the items on a list can take hours and multiple stops or trips. In many instances, it was so arduous that it took the fun out of the entire experience.

    Another not-so-nice observation was t

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